Marvel War Of The Realms: Amazing Spiderman / Daredevil


Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Paperback

In order to win the War of the Realms, we need a league of realms! Thor once led this team with one representative from each fantastical realm, but the League has a new leader and representative of Midgard… Spider-Man! Spider-Man must Frodo-up and lead this ragtag group of Screwbeard The Dwarf, Ud The Troll, Ro Bloodroot The Wizard, Sir Ivory Honeyshot The Light Elf and Titanya The Mountain Giant! But who will represent Asgard?! And gifted the sight of the Bifrost, Daredevil watches all Midgard burn under Malekith’s invasion. How will the Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen guard an entire Earth turned to Hell?

Collecting: War of The Realms: Amazing Spider-Man 1-3, War Scrolls 1-3 (Daredevil story)

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