Marvel Deadpool Comeback Creator: More Than 150,000 Retorts from the Merc with the Mouth


Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Paperback

Trash talk like Deadpool with this hilarious authorized book that contains the best insults from the Deadpool comics, allowing you to create thousands of snarky comebacks worthy of the fast-talking Merc with a Mouth. He is annoying. He is dangerous.

He smells terrible. But the public loves him. He talks and cracks jokes nonstop, breaks down the fourth wall for humorous effect, devises ingenious pranks and gags, and pummels enemies with brilliant and hilarious put-downs.

Now, anyone can devise the perfect comeback with the Deadpool Comeback Creator. The best words from the Deadpool comics are featured on pages that are split into three individual sections. By flipping each section you can mix and match words to come up with the most outrageous insults worthy of Deadpool himself-150,000 snarky combinations in all! Each comeback can be chosen at random or customized to fit any situation.

Plus, the back of each page takes you inside the mind of the fast-talking mercenary, explaining why he chooses specific words. Don’t be an “insufferable flaming Zamboni,” flip the pages and let the good-natured trash-talking fun begin.

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