Stretch Mini Star Wars Boba Fett


The one and only Stretch Star Wars Boba Fett is here in Stretch form! Stretch him, pull him, tie him in knots. When you release him, he uses his amazing stretch to slowly return to his normal size and shape! Have amazing, super stretchy fun with this fully stretchable Stretch Star Wars Boba Fett!

With his customised Mandolorian armor, deadly weaponry, Boba Fett was once regarded as one of the most fearsome and capable bounty hunters in the galaxy. An unaltered genetic clone of his father, bounty hunter Jango Fett, Boba learned combat and martial skills from a young age. Over the course of his career, which included contracts for the Empire and the criminal underworld, he became a legend. Although Fett seemingly met his demise in the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine after falling into the Great Pit of Carkoon, Boba survived the beast and lived to reclaim his armor, taking over the throne at Jabba’s Palace.

Suitable from 5 years.

Dimensions (cm): 17 x 6 x 25

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