Stranger Things (The World is Turning Upside Down) Cappuccino Mug


FULL SIZED, DISHWASHER SAFE CERAMIC CAPPUCCINO MUG – perfect for enjoying a relaxing frothy coffee, latte, hot chocolate – as long as there are no demogorgons around

FRONT OF THE CUP HAS THE STRANGER THINGS LOGO – the iconic red lettering on a black background of the smash hit Netflix series

REVERSE READS ‘THE WORLD IS TURNING UPSIDE DOWN’ – a reminder of the alternative dimension that is home to the terrifying Mind Flayer and Demogorgons

GREAT GIFT FOR ANY STRANGER THINGS FAN – anyone who is mesmerised by the sinister world of Eleven and her friends will enjoy this distinctive set of coffee cups

GENUINE STRANGER THINGS MERCHANDISE – inspired by the spooky series featuring Eleven, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair and officially approved by Netflix

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