DC Super Hero Fairy Tales: Little Robin’s Fighting Hood (Paperback)


After a warning from Alfred to keep a low profile, Robin sets off to make an important delivery to Batman on the other side of Gotham City. But on the way, Robin has a run-in with the big bad Catwoman! She’s very interested in the package he’s so carefully protecting, and as the Boy Wonder hurries away, the cat burglar races after him. When Robin finally arrives at his destination, he’s relieved to see Batman’s familiar pointy-eared shadow. But is it really his crime-fighting partner… or an enemy in disguise? In this twisted retelling, DC superheroes and super-villains collide with the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale to create an action-packed chapter book for kids!

Sarah Hines Stephens (author), Agnes Garbowska (illustrator), Silvana Brys (inker or colourer)

Publisher: Capstone Global Library Ltd
ISBN: 9781398234468
Number of pages: 72
Dimensions: 190 x 133 mm

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