Marvel Comics Absolute Carnage Paperback


Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Paperback

‘Absolute Carnage’ is not for casual fans of Marvel comics, and it’s not for those keen on the more squeaky clean side of the universe, it’s a story focusing on one of the most evil characters in the entire Marvel universe and one that seems to have no hope at times. Carnage is back and this time he’s not alone, he’s raised an army of Carnageites and he’s intent on raising the god of the Klyntar symbiotes, Knull. A broken and weary Eddie Brock is out to stop him with the help of Spiderman and the help of other familiar characters, however there is conflict between Eddie and the Venom symbiote as Eddie is seemingly trying to shed off its control.

The story is turbulent as there are times when it seems as though Carnage will prevail and the artwork is amazing, it features some of the most twisted illustrations in any Marvel comic, and a lot of blood. Overall ‘Absolute Carnage’ is a good recommendation for fans of Marvel villains, Carnage himself or the dark side of the Marvel universe.

Collecting: Absolute Carnage 1-5

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