Vote Loki (Paperback) UK Print


Loki Laufeyson is still convinced that he’s destined for greatness, and has set his sights on the highest office in the land. With a silver tongue and a snake-like smile, Loki’s here to give the people what they think they want – an honest liar in charge! But is this merely another scheme? One thing’s for sure, this Presidential election just got a lot more interesting…

Plus! We go from spinning lies to spinning webs as Loki teams up with the wall-crawling Spider-Man to stop a dangerous sorceress, along with a classic retelling of the Trickster God’s first encounter with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers!

Reprinting Vote Loki #1-4, The Amazing Spider-Man #503-504, material from Avengers #300 and Journey into Mystery #85.

164 pages

Age: 12+

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