Loungefly Funko Pop! Marvel Scarlet Witch Mini Backpack


Chaos is Wanda’s specialty. She can contain and wield chaos magic in the palm of her hand. She can use it to save the universe from imminent destruction… or she can use it to warp reality around her. She’ll have no problem managing the topsy-turvy nature of your everyday items!

This Loungefly Marvel Scarlet Witch Mini Backpack harnesses the power of the Scarlet Witch to manage the chaos of your daily items! Inside, it boasts enough room for you to store your wallet, your phone, chapstick, that movie ticket stub that keeps finding its way into your bag, and a light snack to help you through the afternoon! It also has a convenient carrying handle on top, along with adjustable shoulder straps, so you can carry it many different ways.

Of course, the best detail has to be the Funko-inspired version of Wanda on it, complete with red bolts of chaos energy surrounding her. She’s the only one we’d entrust with the very important task of wielding our necessities!

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